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We are part of the earth and she is part of us


Our properties are located in three of South
America’s most unique environments. We are
committed to protecting their natural and cultural
heritage through the conservation of their
ecosystems, the reintroduction of native species
and the implementation of concrete social

We directly allocate a part of our sales
to The Awasi Foundation, which includes the
following projects:

"Awasi Patagonia: Producing Nature"


Awasi Patagonia
A Conservation Project

Torres del Paine National Park is a refuge for wildlife, harbouring native species like the puma, condor, guanacos and many others. However, when these creatures leave the protected boundaries of the national park, they are exposed to several dangers. Since Awasi Patagonia is located right on the edge of the park, we decided to create a natural corridor, thus expanding the protected area creating territories for them to inhabit freely.

By leasing adjacent sheep farms and working together with
neighbouring estancias, we have returned 6,000 hectares
(14,000 acres) of natural habitat to the native species and now
have between 9 and 12 pumas inhabiting the reserve - an area
that just a few years ago was devoid of wildlife. The
Awasi guides help monitor the puma populations and keep
hunters away, even during the off-season. Furthermore, we are
working with scientists and researchers to gather information
about the behavioural patterns of these species.

After just two years of active protection in the Awasi Reserve, we
are already observing an increase in animal presence. Not only
is there a steady puma population in the area, but other species like the Geoffroy's cat (which was believed to be extinct in the
region) have benefited from the protection as well.

Awasi Guests have two options during their stay: Puma
Spotting or Puma Tracking
. Please contact our reservations
team for further information.

Follow the latest updates in our Blog.

Awasi Iguazu:
Nature & Wildlife

Awasi Iguazú is set in one of the last
remaining parts of the Atlantic
Rainforest, an area with an incredibly
rich ecosystem and one of the best
places in the world for bird-watching
and butterfly spotting. Sadly,
the rainforest is rapidly decreasing in
neighbouring areas due to deforestation
and the expansion of agriculture. It is
one of the most biodiverse areas in

Our efforts are focussed on protecting
and conserving this valuable ecosystem.
We do so by donating and collaborating
directly with local entities which work in
the protection, rehabilitation and
reintroduction of native animals. We
also protect natural areas by helping
monitor and track local species, and by
helping the authorities keep hunters and
poachers at bay.

Awasi guests can visit these protected
areas and take part in the work we do to
protect and reintroduce native species to
their natural habitats and aid in the
conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest.

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Awasi Iguazu:
Guaraní Communities

The area around Awasi Iguazu is home to
four neighbouring native Guaraní
Communities. Their culture is extremely
rich, and serves as an inspiration to us in
terms of how to coexist respectfully
alongside nature

We support these communities by offering
a series of collaborations which run
throughout the year and include private
visits to their community the most skilled
artisans of the community giving
basketry demonstrations.

Additionally, we fund a weekly art workshop
at their local school which previously lacked
an art teacher for the children. During
these workshops, we arrange for a range of
artists to participate (illustrators, theatre
teachers and more) to give the children
tools for self-expression and creativity.

Awasi guests can take part in
basketry demonstrations and visit the local
Guarani community.

Follow the latest updates in our Blog.

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