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Cristian Asun

Cristian Asun

Resident Manager at Awasi Patagonia

Patagonia is my home: I was born and raised in Punta Arenas and spent my weekends hiking though these mountains and fishing in these rivers with my family.

First, I studied Psychology and Public Relations in Hangzhou, China, but upon my return to Chile I realized how lucky I had been to grow in such a unique place, and found my true calling in Ecotourism. Growing up surrounded by nature had made me a passionate birdwatcher and naturalist, and being able to work in related subjects was the perfect fit.

When Awasi Patagonia opened in 2013 and I learned they were planning to do excursions both in and outside the National Park, I immediately wanted to be part of the project. Getting to show our Guests the places that I explored while growing up was my dream. I started out as a guide, eventually became Excursions Manager. Today, I am proud to be Manager to an amazing team of talents and a Host to our visitors from all over the world.

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