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Carolina Mapelli

Carolina Mapelli

Maitre D’ 

The art of Hospitality has led me to travel all over the globe. My first steps in Tourism were on the beaches of Mar del Plata, in Argentina, and soon after I got to gather experiences in the most diverse locations. New Zealand, Dubai, Aspen and Melbourne were some of the places I was lucky enough to call home.

Eventually, I arrived in Patagonia. Vast and remote, even the wind gets lost among the Torres del Paine. So, five years ago, I became a “Patagonian” citizen.

Now, in Awasi, I am part of a team that creates memorable and experiences. We tell the stories of ingredients provided by the sea, the steppe and the countryside. We reveal the anecdotes behind our wines. We speak the language of textures and flavors. We welcome our guests from all over the world with pride and the utmost care, and hope to be part of their stories as well. Welcome!

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